This is Snazzy and no fuss

About Us

Welcome to SNAP & DRESS! My name is Ziva Shachaf and as the founder of the line, I’m thrilled that you’re interested in browsing my unique designs that were inspired by my extensive international travels around the world.

As a flight attendant and avid lover of art and design, I’d always had the idea for SNAP & DRESS, a collection that would give the customer unlimited flexibility in putting together her own signature style.

But my dreams of launching the brand were temporarily put on hold when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After completing chemotherapy and breast reconstruction with my loving family and friends by my side, I walked away with a clean bill of health; ready to refocus on SNAP & DRESS and the excitement it will bring to the market.

We only use the highest quality fabric for each design to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

I’m especially excited that each outfit featured will not only look and feel good, but will allow customers the opportunity to truly personalize their wardrobe.